FWTFL Part 2 – Macronutrient Tracking

I fell in love with nutrition in college in an Intro to Nutrition course I enrolled in to fulfill my general ed requirements. I was also a teenager obsessed with the caloric content of food and learned how may calories were in a gram of carbs, fats, and protein way before I understood human metabolism. Fast forward to my Master’s program in Nutrition, I learned to all the science, the macro- and micro-nutrients, pathophysiology at school and gained experience applying my knowledge in the clinic I worked at. However, I was discouraged by my mentors to have my clients track their calories – and I agreed that teaching how and what to eat for fuel wasn’t necessarily going to come with counting calories. Thus, I meal planned with client, some kept a food journal but I personally have never counted how many GRAMS of carbs, fats and protein I was consuming nor did I have my clients do it.

Enter macronutrient counting. I signed up for the FASTer Way program unaware that I would be doing it. I looked at it and saw that I would be intermittent fasting and be given workouts I can do on my own and signed up. I just needed something easy. Day 1 and and low and behold, I learn that I will tracking all my foods.

When I started logging everything it was really eye opening. I thought I would intuitively know what and how much of each macro to eat. But the years of following a moderate carb diet (with lots of fresh veggies) that emphasized getting good fats in – left me generally eating too many grams of fat and not enough carbs. That is the perfect combo to keep your fat! I knew this and I was completely unaware that I was doing it.

If you’ve never looked at what you are eating, start tracking. We use the app My Fitness Pal. Next brings us to –> Carb cycling paired with strategic workouts.


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