Drinking Water but Always Thirsty?

Many of my clients drink an adequate amount water but are always thirsty. BUT they are also constantly running to the bathroom! To many, this seems normal. Drink water = gotta pee. I used to drink at least 3 liters of water daily but was always needing to pee. I attributed it to drinking nearly a gallon of water daily but what I had not realized was that I wasn’t ABSORBING the water.

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What good is it if you drink but you can’t get HYDRATED (think moisture for skin and eye and lubricant for joints and ligaments) because you aren’t ABSORBING it. So, why isn’t the absorption taking place? There can be two main factors.

Many of us are deficient in minerals. Yes, we’re all aware of calcium, and maybe even magnesium and yes, these can be low. However, I’m talking about sodium and potassium right now. Salt has earned such a bad reputation with its association with high blood pressure. However, just as good raw fat is crucial, when heated, Fat is artery clogging and will prematurely age you, the same goes with salt. If you think of regular table salt, it is processed, bleached, heated. But salt and hydration are inseparable. You might really be deficient in salt. Salt flushing can help fix this problem but also, make sure you eat good salt and avoid processed salt. Also, our water doesn’t have sufficient minerals and depending on whether you drink bottled water or use a filter (hopefully you’re not drinking tap), adding a bit of salt in your water can help hydrate.

Even with enough minerals and enough water, if your kidneys, adrenals and colon aren’t working properly, you may be losing more water than you want to be. Consulting with a health care professional can help you determine if your system can use extra support, be it a nutrient deficiency or toxicity that needs to be taken care of.


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