Jumpstart the New Year with a Cleanse or Detox Regime!

Happy New Year!

After indulging in the stuffing and pies, you should be hitting the treadmills and getting back into the groove of your regular eating habits. But most of us need a little jumpstart to shake off that sugar high and lose those 5 pounds that crept into your pants in the last month!

We recommended a bi-yearly detox to Spring Clean your body and Fall into Health! Having spoken to many people, we realized that most people use the terms “cleanse” and “detox” interchangeably. However, a cleanse and a detox are very different things.

A cleanse (ie, the Master Cleanse) or a fast (including juice fasts) gives the body a break from its regular duties – specifically the digestive processes of mastication, secreting gastric acid and enzymes and elimination.

Detoxification is the normal process of your body removing toxins via your urine, stool, sweat and breath. A cleanse can in part help this process by eliminating more toxins from entering the blood stream and giving the body time to deal with what is already in it.  A detox program, however, should enhance detoxification which is naturally protein dependent. That means you need be eating high quality protein in order to effectively pull out latent toxins.

Both have benefits and can have side effects. Detox reaction can range from mild fatigue to headaches so it’s very important to take a few days/weeks to prep (put away the sugar, alcohol, caffeine, etc) before embarking on a cleanse or a detox program.

And this is great time of the year to prepare for one! I encourage you to start and/or end our Fresh Start detox program with a 3 day juice cleanse! There are tons of great unpasteurized juices out there but if you have some time, you can make your own. Think GREEN. You can do green smoothies too! Blending whole veggies and fruit gives feeds the fibers that get tossed with juices and thus makes a much more balanced meal. A variety of dark green leafy veggies will supply the minerals necessary for eliminating toxins.

Another great cleanse you can embark on is the Pink Salt Flush, which targets every cell of your body and ensures you have enough sodium, chloride and all the trace minerals!

If you’re really daring, you can add on a Liver Flush at the end of the Fresh Start detox program!


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