The Dirty Dozen

The EWC, which stands for the Environmental Working Group, has just recently come out with its newest, most recently updated list of toxic foods. Each year the EWC publishes a list of produce ranked by the level of pesticides in them, with the lower numbers indicating higher levels of toxicity. They’ve nick-named the best and the worst of this list the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”.

This gives consumers a quick and accurate portrayal of which foods are especially important to buy organic. Although all produce is best bought from local and organic sources for maximum nutrition and taste and minimum negative environmental impact, this can be quite an expensive standard to maintain. The EWC aims to help people who can’t buy organic 100% of the time prioritize their grocery list and decrease their toxicity on a budget.

Check out their website for other great lists, news and tips, and learn how to take action today in your area!