Green Pest Control

Summer is one of the best times of the year but it usually brings out the bugs. Here are some green solutions to combat pests without harming your health:

Supplies: ¼ cup confectioners sugar + 1 tablespoon Borax OR Peppermint essential oil or citronella essential oil
Instructions: Sprinkle in kitchen and bathrooms, but away from kids and pets / use a few drops of the essential oils on doorways, windowsills and kitchen sink

Supplies: Handful of cloves + handful eucalyptus + clover blossom
Instructions: Tie in a sachet and hang from the ceiling


Supplies: Cinnamon oil or turmeric oil
Instructions:  Spray or dab on clothing and exposed skin.

Supplies: 1 teaspoon peppermint oil + 1 teaspoon rosemary oil + 2 cups water
Instructions: Spray on mattress and floor surrounding bedding

Supplies: Catnip oil or thyme oil
Instructions:  Spray or dab on clothing and exposed skin.

Supplies: 1 teaspoon peppermint castile soap + ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper + 8 cups water Instructions: Spray mixture along baseboards

Supplies: 2 teaspoons tea tree oil + 2 cups water OR Citrus oil, especially kaffir lime oil
Instructions: Spray in kitchens and bathrooms

Supplies:Lemon-eucalyptus oil
Instructions: Spray or dab on clothing and exposed skin.

For more on controlling pests naturally:
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