Stinkey Monkey Pudding

Todd Estrin, the creator of Stinkey Monkey Pudding will be sampling his dairy free, coconut based puddings at our Launch Party! I met with Todd this morning at Rainbow Acres, one of the local markets you can find his delicious, creamy concoctions!

Stinkey Monkey Puddings were created to help out a friend with major
intolerance then grew to a product that was coveted by many! It’s one of
the best things when your friends encourage and challenge you to take
your talents to the masses!

He gave me a sample of his Vanilla Matcha and Chocolate puddings and I indulged in much of both for breakfast! No one would be able to tell they were coconut based, gluten free, dairy free and vegan. I liked that they were just sweet enough, with a slight crunch, I’m suspecting is contributed by the low-glycemic sweetener, palm sugar. It’s a great source of essential fats (coconut milk) and antioxidants (cacao powder and matcha powder).

Michael, a friendly employee of Rainbow Acres loves the Chocolate Pudding. It’s decadent, tastes more like dark chocolate than milk chocolate and needless to say, very satisfying! The hubbs and I both prefered the Vanilla Matcha with the real vanilla bean smoothness!

A perfect treat for both grown-ups and kids, pick one up for a healthy dessert or snack!


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