I try not to have high expectations with blockbuster films but Avatar did not disappoint!

The underlying theme of colonialism has been seen many times in past films as is in Avatar. With the help of an ingenious setting, captivating love story and the  oh-so-cool 3-D graphics, this film tells a story of the greed and corruption of humanity, destroying homes and lands for profit and power.

What I found most intriguing is the way that the film depicts that every living thing is connected to each other and in sync with each other. What looked like exposed neurons somehow sends and receives data to and from the magical land of Pandora.  Mike Adams of Natural News wrote a very detailed review of the film, in which he mentions a school in Italy that researches Plant Neurobiology, the study that plants indeed communicate with each other via chemicals.

In a conference I attended some years ago, the speaker spoke about a study that was conducted demonstrating this vast connection between the plant and animal kingdoms, in relation to the inappropriate use of pesticides. When a plant deems itself unworthy of human consumption, it sends out chemicals that attract bugs to ingest it! It’s a plant’s attempt to kill itself to prevent us from getting sick!

Go watch the film if you haven’t already. I’m planning on watching it again in 3-D! Anyone wanna join? 🙂