Aubrey Organics

There are many newer companies that formulate their skin + hair care line of products with really natural ingredients and ethical values. Of the handful of older companies is Aubrey Organics,  a company founded in 1967 by Mr. Aubrey Hampton, producing a wide range of skincare (for oily, dry, normal and sensitive complexions), hair care and newest to the company, makeup items. They use grapefruit seed extract, aka citric seed extract, in combination with vitamins A, C and E to make ‘Aubrey’s Preservative’.

On a recent search for the best really natural shampoos and conditioners, I returned to Aubrey’s GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo&Conditioner and slowly started to appreciate the healing and nourishing properties of natural ingredients.

Of their many many products, I love the following:


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