Farmer’s Market Above the City

I’ve been wanting to check out Yamashiro Restaurant’s Garden Market
since they opened a couple of months ago. Though I am a LA native, I
haven’t visited this amazing historical
landmark till this week!

Their $2 valet service has been discontinued. BUT, there is free parking
at the Fifth Christian Science Church @ 7107 Hollywood Blvd (enter off
N. La Brea Ave) where a complimentary shuttle service will take you up
the hill. We arrive late – around 7:45 – and noticed quite a few people
walking down the hill — which mean, they must’ve walked up. It was
still bright out at 7:45 so if you go early, it’d be a nice short hike
up and down the hill.

My friends Lory and George just came back from 4 months of traveling
the globe, serving with a nonprofit organization called KIVA and
exploring Asia&Europe. So, it was a perfect trek to Hollywood for
Lory and me to catch up on the last 4 months while experiencing the hype
of Yamashiro’s $3 gourmet tacos (2 for $6), shopping for fresh veggies,
and tasting Chocovivo stone
ground chocolate (Lory loovvvedd the Mayan and purchased a bar!) and
Bulgarini Gelato (yummy blood orange Granita!)…. all of this while
overlooking LA’s night skyline and Yamashiro’s Japanese garden behind


Skyline Flowers were giving
away your choice of 2 free yellow roses (that look like peonies) or a
bunch of pink snap dragons!

Gourmet on
boasted their organic cheese and grass fed beef.

We failed to capture a picture of the touted tacos, but here’s the menu:

The kitchen staff worked nonstop to feed the long line of hungry
Angelenos while wine was being sold by the bottle or by the glass en
route to the food counter.

It was a serene night with live acoustic jazz accompanying our conversations about travel, marriage, friends and work… oh and of course the food! We both thought the duck confit was the most flavorful but the miso did melt in your mouth so the short ribs were placed third. More than the tacos, the wasabi guacamole was yummmy! Stay tuned for the fruits of my recipe investigations!