Wild Pollen

Because we live in fast–paced, busy modern world, the toxic burden on our liver is overwhelming. Daily detoxification is vital for our health and longevity. Wild pollen is one of the finest superfoods the planet offers.

Premier Wild Pollen nourishes and strengthens the liver unlike anything we’ve seen before. This pollen is produced meticulously to ensure that it’s beautiful and clean, unlike the typically pesticide contaminated pollens found at healthfood stores. Mixing the pollen with Premier Canadian Wild Honey preserves it indefinitely and makes it 8 times more biologically available for the body.

Mix approximately 8 oz pollen to 12 oz honey in a jar – first put a little honey in the bottom of the jar, followed by the pollen and the rest of the honey on top. Let it sit for several hours, then mix thoroughly, let sit again for a few hours, then, mix again till blended smoothly.

This mixture will help the liver detoxify is a food for the whole family. Take a tablespoon daily for adults and a teaspoon for children.

Note: The picture shows all the pollen between only two large layers of honey. Making more, smaller layers may help combine the mixture easier.


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