Slow Down!

Most of us have probably heard of mindful eating. But why is it so important to slow down and take our time with meals?

Top Five Reasons why you should eat slower:

  1. Lose Weight. It takes our brain about 20 minutes to realize we’re full so by slowing down you create time to realize that you’re full. Not to mention when you eat slower, you end up taking in fewer calories.
  2. Enjoy Your Food. Eating should be a pleasurable experience, not stressful and rushed between events. You can’t really enjoy what you’re eating if you’re rushing through it in 5 minutes. So take a moment to slow down and taste the flavors is your meal!
  3. Better Digestion. Eating slower means you will chew your food better, which leads to better digestion. Digestion starts in the mouth, so if you do more work up there, less work has to be done in your stomach. Food that isn’t digested properly is a precursor to so many ailments.
  4. Less Stress. Be in the moment! Rather than rushing through a meal thinking about what you have to do next, focus on the act of eating. Focus on the chewing. This leads to a less stressful life and long-term happiness.
  5. Rebel Against Fast Food and a Fast Life. Many people live fast lives which can lead to consuming fast food and eating quickly. This will leave you feeling unhappy, unhealthy, and stressed out. Slow down and enjoy life to the fullest!

One of the first tips I share with my clients is to take 10 deep breaths before eating and to shift your mental gears to tell your body that you are eating. This allows your blood flow to focus on digestion and helps you be mindful about eating while multi-tasking.

Happy Chewing!


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