Handy Dandy Electric Kettles

My old electric kettle was plastic so I started to use a small pot, but after almost burning down the house a few times, I decided to search for a stainless steel electric kettle.

All of the kettles I found had a plastic water level viewer which seemed to defeat the purpose of using a stainless steel kettle so I searched and searched. The Breville Ikon was highly recommended to me though it is a bit pricey for something with a single purpose.

The Magic Bullet

I use this small but mighty tool just about everyday — and most of the time, more than once a day — so I figured it deserves a place on this site. Though the product isn’t a super blender (it won’t make almond butter or chop up apples), it serves it’s purpose as a blender. I makes smoothies, protein shakes, sauces, marinades, salad dressings, cashew cream yogurts, and much much more with this small by mighty tool.

Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle

Instead of purchasing olive oil in aerosol cans, use an air pump like this one. This gives you the freedom to choose high quality oils instead of being stuck to the brands that put oil in cans and you can do without the propellant that comes in those cans.

Citrus Juicer

One of my most-used tools, this 2-in-1 lemon&lime juicer from Amco is a handy little tool will cut out the messy, acidic clean-up required every time you need fresh lemon or lime juice! I’ve been using mine almost everyday for the past 2 years and recently, a small piece of the pretty yellow enamel chipped off, exposing the aluminum inside. Now, the chipped area is on the side, where my half-cut lemons won’t normally touch but I wonder about heavy metal leaching.  🙁