Coffee Enema

Over time, toxic wastes can accumulate in the colon and liver, and then circulate throughout the body via the bloodstream. This can lead to allergies, headaches, dull skin, acne, stunted nail and hair growth and myriad other health problems.

Enemas are use to help release waste from the colon walls to clear toxins from the body. It’s a great addition to any cleanse or detoxification protocol.

Ear Candling

EAR CANDLING is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. The tapered end of a hollow candle is placed snugly into the ear and the other end is the lit. This lighting of the candle creates a gentle vacuum inside the hallow candle which extends into the inner ear. The mild heat circulating inside the ear softens and dislodges wax and debris and pulls it out of the ear canal and into the ear candle. Difficulty hearing can be partly caused by congestion in the ear by debris and wax.

Wild Pollen

Because we live in fast–paced, busy modern world, the toxic burden on our liver is overwhelming. Daily detoxification is vital for our health and longevity. Wild pollen is one of the finest superfoods the planet offers.

Premier Wild Pollen nourishes and strengthens the liver unlike anything we’ve seen before.