Purification Group Program

Your best friend, your mom, your co-worker are doing “detox” programs. And while this word is part of our daily lingo, many of us don’t realize that even when you aren’t doing a “detox”, your body is detoxing! Well, it should be! Part of your body’s daily duties to stay alive includes ridding of toxins. …

The QCI – Quantum Coherence Integrator

The QCI is a powerful, bio-energetic, balancing technique that can rapidly re-polarize the whole body to help re-establish its full healing potential. When the bio-field (energy potential) in the body loses coherence due to various causes (such as physical trauma and emotional trauma, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, infection, etc.,) the internal operating system in the body …

Spring into Optimal Health!


Spring is upon us, and the concept of “spring cleaning” our domiciles comes to mind… Chinese medicine associates spring with the liver and gallbladder; both work together as blood cleansers. It’s like they’ve worked to keep our other organs and blood relatively free of toxins all winter, now it’s time to clean them out so they can function to their fullest. Liver dysfunction leads to chronic poor health, disease and death.

Skin Brushing


Dry skin brushing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to detox at home, and this technique provides a number of important health benefits.

Pink Salt Flush

An Intestinal, Skin and Nervous System Cleanse

Benefits of the Salt Flush

You can think of a Salt Flush as a “25 cent colonic” and more. A Salt Flush cleanses the entire digestive tract, including the stomach, small intestine and colon where as, colonics or enemas only reach the colon or a small part of it.

Healthy Bowel Movements

Eliminating waste and toxins is crucial for our well being. The fact of the matter is that our bowels show a lot more about our current health status than we are aware. Maintaining good bowel health is necessary for us to make energy and maintain vitality and critical for us to fight off infections and illness. A properly functioning digestive system is needed for absorption of vitamins, minerals and water as well as removal of toxins we gather from modern living.

Fresh Start Detox Program

Everything you eat, breathe and put on your skin needs to be processed and filtered by your liver and then excreted via the intestines and/or kidneys. The more we use these organs by bombarding our systems with junk, the more we need to clean and help them work. Unfortunately, we as a culture don’t practice regular detoxification nor do we get all the nutrients in the amounts necessary to support healthy and complete detoxification.