The Dirty Dozen

The EWC, which stands for the Environmental Working Group, has just recently come out with its newest, most recently updated list of toxic foods. Each year the EWC publishes a list of produce ranked by the level of pesticides in them, with the lower numbers indicating higher levels of toxicity. They’ve nick-named the best and the worst of this list the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”.

Go Nuts!

Many people shy away from eating nuts because of their high fat content. Nuts are high in monounsaturated fat, which means it reduces bad cholesterol. They are also high in protein and many other vitamins and minerals. So, go nuts for nuts! They’re good for you!

Chia is the New Flax

You have probably noticed Chia seeds popping up everywhere in baked goods, sprinkled on salads, and blended into smoothies. Well what are they? These tiny little seeds that look like dinosaur eggs are an ancient superfood. Chia seeds come from the desert based salvia plant and were a staple part of ancient Mayan and Aztec diets. Chia contains high amounts of fiber, easily digestible protein, antioxidants, calcium and iron. They are the highest known source of plant-based omega-3, stealing the spotlight from the ever so popular flax seed (which is still great for you). The health benefits don’t stop there!

PatisseRaw’s Yummy Cheeezcakes!

I met Christina with PatisseRaw at the El Segundo Farmer’s Market last week and got a chance to sample all the wonderful flavors of the raw cheesecake.

The Strawberry Sublime and Raspberry Borealis burst with real fruit while the Chocolate Eclipse (don’t you love that name!?) did really melt and fade away nice and smoothly! They are in most Whole Foods so be sure to grab one the next time your sweet tooth aches for some lovin’!

Choco Vivo

ChocoVivo is different from all other chocolates….. there are lots of great chocolate companies that don’t use any artificial ingredients and the best quality cacoa, but this one tastes — or rather, feels – different. It doesn’t actually crumble but if feels like it in your mouth because of the stone ground texture of the cacoa. This stone ground chocolate uses traditional grinding methods dating back 2000 years!

Los Angeles County Farmer’s Markets

Our city is blessed with so many local farmers that practice sustainable agriculture. However, many are small and are sustained by driving in many miles to different cities on different days. Support our community and get freshly picked fruit and veggies by visiting a market near you!

Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food

Dave, a former acupuncturist, created Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food – a line of vegetarian, vegan and msg-free line of traditional Korean banchan (side dishes) that are usually eaten as part of every meal with rice and a soup or stew.

He omits the shrimp, oysters, and clams that are used in kim-chi and makes fish-less fish-cake-like ‘tempeh‘ – a fermented bean patty.