Are You Losing Bone Mass?

Peak bone mass is typically reached by age 35. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t lose bone before 35. Many younger than 35 have reported bone density below normal genetic and/or lifestyle factors. Here are the genetic factors for elevated risk of bone loss, and which ones can be reversed.

Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D is produced in the skin via the UVb rays in sunlight. What is the most important to note is the amount of vitamin D that the body naturally produces with sunlight. Why is the daily recommended dose of vitamin D is 400 units when your body will make 10,000 units of D with full exposure in only 30 minutes. Granted this amount is achieved when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky, you have to wonder what other roles this important nutrient plays in the body.

Testing Your pH

Balancing your body pH is one of the most important steps to maintaining good health. The body, through the renal system (kidneys) is constantly seeking to get rid of the excess acids that irritate the tissues and deplete them of minerals. When your body is acidic, it is also low in oxygen, which is the perfect environment that bacteria thrive in.