Pink Salt Flush

An Intestinal, Skin and Nervous System Cleanse

Benefits of the Salt Flush

You can think of a Salt Flush as a “25 cent colonic” and more. A Salt Flush cleanses the entire digestive tract, including the stomach, small intestine and colon where as, colonics or enemas only reach the colon or a small part of it.

Healthy Bowel Movements

Eliminating waste and toxins is crucial for our well being. The fact of the matter is that our bowels show a lot more about our current health status than we are aware. Maintaining good bowel health is necessary for us to make energy and maintain vitality and critical for us to fight off infections and illness. A properly functioning digestive system is needed for absorption of vitamins, minerals and water as well as removal of toxins we gather from modern living.

Deer Antlers, Deer Placenta and Ants

In Chinese medicine, certain animal products are part of herbalism, including deer antlers, deer placenta, and ant. As long as these animal products are ethically raised and contain herbal properties, they can do wonders for the human body.

Green Pest Control

Summer is one of the best times of the year but it usually brings out the bugs. Here are some green solutions to combat pests without harming your health.

Aubrey Organics

There are many newer companies that formulate their skin + hair care line of products with really natural ingredients and ethical values. Of the handful of older companies is Aubrey Organics, a company founded in 1967 by Mr. Aubrey Hampton, producing a wide range of skincare (for oily, dry, normal and sensitive complexions), hair care and newest to the company, makeup items. They use grapefruit seed extract, aka citric seed extract, in combination with vitamins A, C and E to make ‘Aubrey’s Preservative’.

Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetics

It’s so sad that almost all of the everyday personal care items stocking the shelves at Target and Walmart, even fancy department store brands are full of harmful synthetic chemicals. These bottle of creams, shampoos, etc, are brightly labeled with colorful images and promises for wrinkle reductions, whitening sun spots and repairing damaged hair — all the while adding to the toxic burden on our bodies.

Fresh Start Detox Program

Everything you eat, breathe and put on your skin needs to be processed and filtered by your liver and then excreted via the intestines and/or kidneys. The more we use these organs by bombarding our systems with junk, the more we need to clean and help them work. Unfortunately, we as a culture don’t practice regular detoxification nor do we get all the nutrients in the amounts necessary to support healthy and complete detoxification.

Eat Clean

Founded by a father and daughter duo, Dr. Shawki Ibrahim and Mareya Ibrahim, Eat Cleaner features a veggie and fruit cleaner as well as a poultry and seafood cleaner. Made of vegetable surfactants (ingredients: Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Sodium Citrate, Calcium Ascorbate, Vegetable Based Cleanser) and featuring easy on-the-go biodegradable cloths, Eat Cleaner makes it easy to clean away pesticides, waxes and dirt from fresh produce.