Creamy Asparagus Soup

Prep Time: up to 1 day ahead | Cook Time: 15 minutes | Serves: 2

I love making soup purely with veggies, especially when I’m not in the mood to just eat them steamed or stir-fried. You can substitute the asparagus with any other hearty veggie you like, including broccoli, cauliflower or even cabbage. I like to sautee the asparagus but you can steam them if you like.

Poaching Fish

Though grilling and boiling is a tasty option to cook your meats, it’s not as healthy as cooking in water. A chemical process occurs when you cook proteins and sugar without water that produces AGE’s – or advanced glycated endproducts. It seems fitting to labeled them AGE since they cause DNA damage which is basically what happens when we age. Think of what happens to your food when you cook without water. They brown. AGE’s are concentrated in bread crust, browned meats, char-broiled fish, you get the point.

Chicken Albondigas Soup

Prep Time: 1 hour | Cook Time: 30 minutes | Serves: up to 12

This recipe makes about 60 meatballs but you don’t have to use it all at one time, thus the huge range on servings listed above. This is something that you can make and store some in the freezer and pop some in chicken stock for a quick weekday dinner. Traditional sopa de alb√≥ndigas is made from uncooked rice, ground beef and chorizo, but my mom used to make it for me with chicken.

Gluten-Free Matzoh Ball Soup with Dill

Prep Time: 1-2 hours | Cook Time: 1 hour | Serves: 6-8

I really wanted to make Matzoh Ball Soup for a Passover Sedar Dinner Potluck but having never had tried a traditional matzoh soup and knowing that matzoh is basically white flour and water, I wasn’t sure that I could pull this off. After reading tons and tons of recipes, I figured real matzoh, being white flour, wouldn’t be healthy, so I decided on Hol Grain Crackers.

Los Angeles County Farmer’s Markets

Our city is blessed with so many local farmers that practice sustainable agriculture. However, many are small and are sustained by driving in many miles to different cities on different days. Support our community and get freshly picked fruit and veggies by visiting a market near you!

Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food

Dave, a former acupuncturist, created Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food – a line of vegetarian, vegan and msg-free line of traditional Korean banchan (side dishes) that are usually eaten as part of every meal with rice and a soup or stew.

He omits the shrimp, oysters, and clams that are used in kim-chi and makes fish-less fish-cake-like ‘tempeh‘ – a fermented bean patty.

Avocado Salsa 2

Prep Time: 10 minutes | Serves: 2-4

Well, I should actually call this wannabe guacamole since it’s the exact same ingredients just with less ripe avocados. If you make this exactly as laid out below, it will burn… well, I guess that depends on how potent your onions are!

The Curious Palate

On one of my many drives down Venice Blvd, this awesome little joint caught my eye and one Sunday morning, I finally made my way in. The Curious Palate – how much cuter could that name be? – is a farm-to-table establishment of the most creative dishes you can imagine!

Rob’s Really Good

Did someone say Chocolate? AND tea?

Yes. Both. Together! It’s like mocha but better… After sampling this flavor, all the others didn’t not measure up!

Rawnola Granola

One of my favorite raw snacks, Earthling Organics has a small but mighty-ly yummy line of granola and granola bars. The granola, ‘Rawnola’ are soft but crunchy nuggets of almonds, coconut, pumpkin seeds and figs, flavored with agave, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and sea salt.