InstaCart: The Best New Way to Grocery Shop

It’s an all-too familiar situation for most of us: after a long day at work you’re facing coming home to an empty stomach and and empty fridge. The grocery store sounds like the last place on Earth you’d want to go.

Enter InstaCart. Log on to the website or app and choose from three different stores: here in Los Angeles, our options are Whole Foods, Costco and Ralph’s.

Once you’ve selected the store you’d like to purchase from, you shop away! The costs of food items are set by InstaCart, and are comparable to in-store prices. The website is comprehensive and easy to navigate (thank goodness, since frustration and starvation often can lead to hanger).

Sunscreen: The Problem or the Solution?

Fall is here and the days are getting shorter – and therefore we’re getting less incidental exposure to sunlight. Think that’s good news for you and your skin? Think again.

In “the old days” (100 years ago) people worked predominantly outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight for more than eight hours a day without sunscreen. Skin cancer only effected 1% of the population back then, and the more sunlight they got, the healthier they were. Boy, have times changed. Today, we work predominately indoors and are so fearful of sunlight that we cake on loads of sunscreens to protect ourselves from skin cancer. Yet, more people have gotten skin cancer than ever before. It is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer today.

New studies are showing that it may be what’s in the sunscreen that’s creating a problem for us.

Slow Down!

Most of us have probably heard of mindful eating. But why is it so important to slow down and take our time with meals?

Drinking Water but Always Thirsty?

Many of my clients drink an adequate amount water but are always thirsty. BUT they are also constantly running to the bathroom! To many, this seems normal. Drink water = gotta pee. I used to drink at least 3 liters of water daily but was always needing to pee. I attributed it to drinking nearly a gallon of water daily but what I had not realized was that I wasn’t ABSORBING the water.

[img source]

What good is it if you drink but you can’t get HYDRATIED (think moisture for skin and eye and lubricant for joints and ligaments) because you aren’t ABSORBING it. So, why isn’t the absorption taking place? There can be 2 main factors.